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Learn Proactive, Tax Reduction Strategies
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Earn substantially more revenue
without lifting a finger


receive 5-Year Tax Refund

  • Eliminate Taxes In Retirement
  • Eliminate Taxes On Your Estate
  • Eliminate Taxes On Your Income
  • ​Eliminate Taxes On Social Security Income

Earn substantially more revenue
without lifting a finger


Offset Conversion Taxes to Zero

  • Provide Free Future Tax Liability Illustrations
  • Alert Clients to Dangers of Rising Taxes
  • Help Clients Retire Tax-Free
  • ​Eliminate Tax on Social Security Income

Earn substantially more revenue
without lifting a finger


Get Your Client's A 
5-Year Tax Refund!

  • Purchase Fractional Interest in Company with Losses and Section 179 Deductions
  • Use Losses and Amended Tax Returns
  • Help Clients Receive a Refund
  • ​Use Value Based Billing on Savings
How We Work With You...
  • 1. We share one new tax reduction strategy with you each month.
  • 2. We share an email and text message template you can send your clients.
  • 3. Your clients may request an appointment for tax planning.
  • 4. You share the strategy and possibly bill more hours.
Why Referrals To Outside Advisors Are Risky?
  • 1. You lose control of the client and the advisor.
  • 2. You haven't performed extreme due diligence and background checks on advisor.
  • 3. If the advisor losses money you can be named in a lawsuit.
  • 4. You can lose your tax planning income if something goes wrong.
  • 5. You take all the risk without any upside.
     We focus on partnership collaboration with limited downside risk.
Help Your Clients Be Their Financial Best & Fulfill Your Fiduciary Duty!
1. Create more client value​ by providing forward-thinking tax planning.

2. ​Eliminate your clients' future tax rate worries.

3. ​Help your clients' capitalize on new tax law opportunities.

We Created A 3-Step Revenue Maximization PLAYBOOK FOR TAX PREPARERS

  • 1. Add New Tax Reduction Strategies
  • 2. Add New Financial & Insurance Services
  • 3. Add Business Consulting Services
  • Complex Retirement Planning
  • ​Insurance Planning
  • ​​Investment & Annuity Advisory
  • ​Employer Benefit Planning
  • ​Real Estate & Mortgage Advisory
  • Free Client Financial Reviews
  • ​ ​Free Written Financial Plans
  • ​Free Insurance Reviews
  • ​​Free Mortgage Reviews
  • ​Free Financial Reviews

Accounting Is An Extremely 
Trusted Profession

  • ​​​​Studies Show:
  • ​​1. Your Clients Trust You
  • 2. Clients Expect More From Their Accountants
  • ​​3. Clients Welcome Additional Services In-Line With Your Profession
  • ​​4. Clients Prefer All-In-One Financial Solutions to Limit Redundance.
  • 5. Existing Clients Produce Higher Sales Closing Ratios
  • 6. The Most Effective To Grow Is By Adding New Tax Strategies

What Level of Service 
Do You Currently Provide?

  • 1. What unique offerings are you introducing to your clients? 
  • 2. How can you create more client value and retain clients?

Re-Evaluate YOUR 
Existing Strategic Relationships

  • 1. What is the closing ratio of your advisor relationship? 
  • 2. Is your referral free split fair?
  • 3. How much time do you spend on the transaction?
  • 4. How much revenue did you earn last year from this existing relationship?

All Major CPA Firms 
Offer CONSULTING Services!

why don't you?

  • 1. 76% of clients say they want their accountant more involved with their finances. 
  • 2. You can create a one-stop financial firm with a proven sales and support team.
  • 3. You can incorporate a team-based model so every professional works at their highest level.
  • 4. You can maintain control of your clients instead of referring-out.

Why Is Tax & Retirement Institute 

  • 1. We do all the work for you, in your office or remotely, under your brand name. 
  • 2. We have a team of professionals that produced billions in new assets for 2019.
  • 3. We provide simple tax reduction strategies clients can understand.
  • 4. We offer a proprietary strategy to retire Tax-Free!
  • 5. ​We get your final approval before each client transaction.


  • 1. We start with you meeting one of our highly trained advisors online.  
  • 2. We make sure our point person is the right fit for you, your organization, and your clients. 
  • 3. We work closely together to fine tune a tax and strategy your clients can benefit from. 
  • 4. We help your clients' eliminate financial mistakes to retire earlier. 
  • 5. Repeat step 4, create incredible value, and earn referrals.



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Client Campaigns
Term Life Insurance
If you have loved ones having a low-cost term life insurance policy is a necessity.
Disability Coverage
Relieve the stress of paying bills when you get sick  or hurt so you don't lose everything.
Alpha Roth Tax-Free Retirement
Eliminate future taxes and enjoy an earlier retirement date with more income.
Guarantee your future income's growth and income payments like Social Security.
10X Savings Program
Retire earlier with our savings strategy that allows you to save more for retirement.
Business Owner Planning
If you own a business you can be missing out on many strategies to maximize success.
Advanced Tax Reduction
Don't let your CPA miss key tax strategies that save more to retire earlier.
Long-Term Care Insurance
Protect yourself from expenses not covered by Medicare and Health coverages.
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